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  • 10 Fruits & Vegetables to Avoid...Unless They're Organic!

    Okay, so last time we talked about pesticides and organic produce. We even gave you a top ten list of non-organic fruits and vegetables with the lowest pesticide residues just in case you felt organic produce was breaking your bank. 

    This time around, we’re hitting a switcheroo and giving you a list of produce you should never eat…unless of course, it’s organic. These suckers are dripping with pesticides (figuratively speaking of course)!

    Besides being a great tool for your everyday grocery shopping, you should use this list to help you make smart choices whenever you’re eating out.

    We borrowed this list from the same study referenced in our last article (conducted by the Environmental Working Group - EWG).

    Here they are! The top ten fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide residues (lower number= higher residue). We’d also love to hear your comments below: 

    Copyright © Environmental Working Group, Reprinted with permission.

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    • Odo says...

      Great blog article! I’m definitely going to follow the advice!

      On October 01, 2013

    • Yed A. says...

      Great article, thanks a ton for the list!

      On September 30, 2013

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